Team buildings, workshops and trainings for corporate groups

We can design the scenario especially for your group based on your specific idea or we can adjust some our already existing scenarios to your event. Your team can learn about almost any subject using gamification and edutainment. We

We create team building events that are tailored to specific needs of your company and your employees. No matter if you want to improve soft skills of your team, their creativity, ability to work in team or you just want them to get to know each other and have fun together - we will surely create something that suits your needs. In our programs we put the emphasis on the story, learning and social outcomes and players' immersion in the event. We adjust the difficulty of the challenges to abilities and motivations of the participants so that, during the games they will feel the flow and satisfaction of the fulfilled tasks.

All of the scenarios are available in english and polish language versions, if needed we can also work on translating materials to other languages.

Our ideas for team buildings

Missing cherry wine producer

Julian Levchenko is a very successful cherry wine producer. He is the only person that knows the secret recipe for his cherry wine. Suddenly he disappears, leaving his business unattended. The cherry wine production needs to stop until he, or the recipe is found. Because the wine supplies are almost gone, the citizens switched to cherry vodka and the investigation gets even more complicated. Can you solve this case, detectives?Location: Krakow Main Square and surroundings Great team buildingFor every teamIntegrate your team in an unusual wayGame can include alcohol (for integration purpose) After the game we can organise for your team dinner, or some other activities.

Duration: 3h
2 - 40 participants
Indoor/ outdoor game

Zero Waste = 100% FUN!

Each hour, around 900 tons of plastic waste goes to the oceans. This is equivalent to 600 passenger cars. And so many things can be recycled... Conscious ecological life and wise consumerism is possible! Even in today's fast paced times. This game will teach your team how it can be implemented in a fun way. Your team will be challenged in knowledge related to ecology and zero-waste skills. You will find out how many kilograms of raw materials is needed for one computer to be created, how much water is spent to prepare an average meal or how many "Earths" do we (over)use each year. You will also prove yourself in manual tasks like: creating water filters from a plastic bottles, recycling old paper, you will also give a second life to old clothes and create shopping bags using old curtains. Your team will be divided into groups, each will receive the necessary equipment, you will have 2 hours to collect as many Zero Waste points as possible by completing the tasks! Each Zero Waste point will later be one tree planted by us (or you if you prefer) in a forest close to the event location.

Duration: 2 - 3h
20 - 200 participants
Indoor/outdoor game

Location: we can adjust the game to any location
The game raises awareness about ecology
CSR team building

Arrr! Arrrr! Pirate!

For several days, information about the pirate treasure hidden near your hotel has been spreading at sea. All pirate hordes moored here to find a buried chest. The matter is not easy. The secret is guarded by the grumpy hostess of the tavern Berberyna Majtkowska, who gives instructions only after delivering the loot she desires.

Arrr, Arr Pirate!  is a field game in which all participants are divided into teams. In this team you need to get as much loot as you can! To get some you need to be creative, for other physical tasks are waiting for you. The loot is the only way that the Tavern Hostess - Berberyna will give you the information about the treasure.  

But be aware that Berberyna wants everything for herself… so in the end to get the treasure all of the teams needs to cooperate to outsmart the tavern hostess.

Duration: 2 - 3h
20 - 200 participants
Outdoor game
(can also be adjusted to indoor)
Location: we can adjust the game to any location (prefered: hotel with a lot of green areas)
- Developing the skills of communication and teamwork
- Opportunity to practice skills of logical thinking
- For groups that like to integrate in action

Other challenges