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What do we do?

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City Games

We create personalised experiences that will drag you through the hidden gems of the city. You and your team will get into the role of detectives for several hours. Your aim will be to solve puzzles and uncover mystery connected to the city.
Picture of a group during team building scavenger hunt

Team Building Events

The best recipe to build a strong team is to combine a challenge with fun. Our games and events are always tailored to your team and organization.
Picture of a group during educational scavenger hunt

Edutainment and Games

Our mission is to combine education with fun. We create games and events that not only teach but also amuse and Crete unforgettable moments.

We create for

We operate in varios environments and for various reasons. All of our games and approaches are tailor made and adjusted to needs of the group and objective of the game
Action exploration

See the city from a different perspective

You and your group will see the city form a perspective of detectives. While solving a mystery case you will explore hidden gems and secret spots. In each location you will have a puzzle to solve.

Our games are perfect for celebrating special occasions like birthday, bachelor's party, engagement, wedding and much more! Contact us and together we can make something great!
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Team building and events

There is no better way to grow a team than a common CHALLENGE

We create small and large scale Team Building Events for companies and organizations. Our Games are tailor made depending on your budget, company type, size of the group and the objective you want to achieve with the game (soft skills training / creating cooperation patterns / brainstorming / design thinking, etc.).
We also make games that are part of larger events and festivals and scenarios that aim at promoting space and businesses.
Contact us to find us more.
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be a part of the story

Let's have your place be a part of the game!

Whether you're representing a place that can be a part of the game or a product that we can implement in the scenario, we should definitely
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games that show around

Let us show you around!

Our games not only amuse but also educate and promote culture. We have cooperated with multiple cities already, creating games that are part of cultural events or promotional campaigns or places and city history.
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Teach and grow with games

Combining entertainment with education, we propose games and events for NGO’s, places of culture (museums, art galleries, theaters), schools, scouts, and others. We create special scenarios, that can be used for educational purposes, promoting ideas, cities or places, way of life, culture and people.
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Gangster Chronicles

Get in the middle of a conflict between two competing gangs in Las Vegas. Discover the secrets and bloody history an ancient artifact that has and its profound impact on Las Vegas Mob scene for countless years.

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Artificial Autonomous
AI Enigma

In recent years, deep learning AI algorithms demonstrated a dramatic improvement. They are  now being used to guide all sorts of key decisions in fields such as medicine, finance, manufacturing and beyond. One day strange, unexpected and irrational decisions are starting to be taken, people start disappearing. Is there an AI error or a human being behind that? Or maybe it is just safer to take irrational decisions these days…

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Rat Pack Rumble:
The Lost Jazz Note

Step back in time to the prohibition era when jazz was the heartbeat of the city's hidden nightlife. In this thrilling adventure, you'll become a detective searching for clues and uncovering the untold stories of the jazz legends who graced the underground clubs. Collect the evidence and solve the mystery that is

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Missing Masterpiece

A famous masterpiece  has mysteriously vanished from a prestigious art gallery in Las Vegas. The painting, titled "The Enigmatic Canvas," is a priceless work of art, renowned for its captivating allure and enigmatic symbolism. As news of the disappearance spreads, an eccentric billionaire, known for his love of art and riddles offers a substantial reward to the successful sleuths of the missing masterpiece.

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Mad Scientist

Deep in the heart of Las Vegas rumors spread about a mad scientist who has gone into hiding. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for discovery, the eccentric scientist has created a series of enigmatic puzzles and challenges for those daring enough to enter their laboratory. With whispers of strange experiments and hidden inventions, a group of adventurous individuals gathers to embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt in search of the secrets hidden within the Mad Scientist's Laboratory.

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Interstellar Investigation

Unearth the hidden truths, connect the dots, and ignite your imagination as you unravel the extraterrestrial mysteries in the electrifying city of Las Vegas. Are you ready to embark on this extraterrestrial expedition? The truth is out there, waiting to be discovered.

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