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Individual groups

City games and scavenger hunts for groups up to 20 people. Great idea to see the city from another perspective. Ideal for hen's/ bachelor's parties, birthday gifts or just as an idea for fun evening with friends. We have more than 10 existing scenarios and we can create something new for your team.

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Teambuildings, soft skill trainings, workshops and other activities for small and large groups. We create personalised games both indoor and outdoor based on your organisations' needs and aims. Contact us to create your own program or to adjust one of our existing ideas.

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Combining entertainment with education we propose games and events for units like: NGO’s, cities, places of culture (museums, art galleries, theaters), schools, scouts, and others. We can prepare special offer for you, which can be used for educational purposes, promoting ideas, cities or places, way of life, culture and people. We are open for any collaboration!

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Some of our scenarios

Missing Cherry Wine Producer

Julian Levchenko is a very successful cherry wine producer. He is the only person that knows the secret recipe for his cherry wine. Suddenly he disappears, leaving his business unattended. The cherry wine production needs to stop until he, or the recipe is found. Because the wine supplies are almost gone, the citizens switched to cherry vodka and the investigation gets even more complicated. Can you solve this case, detectives?

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Mind maze
(Follow the Psycho)

One of the patients of Cracow Mental Health Clinic have just escaped the facility leaving a really strange note and a locked bag. Her doctors say that the whole city might be in danger. You will meet with the sibling of the fugitive ​who will give you more clues. Get into her mind maze and find her before something bad happens. Explore the city and solve a mystery. Find hidden places and clues, solve riddles and do not go to deep into the rabbit hole!

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Kraków Bohemy

Kraków has always been considered  the heart of polish culture and arts. A lot of sketches, ideas, inspirations and amazing stories were created in Kraków's bar, cafes and places that today are starting to be forgotten.  Follow the paths of  bohemian artists and discover their places and secrets. Take part in a scavenger hunt that is a perfect combination of fun and education. You will explore Cracow's hidden spots and learn about polish art scene while having fun with your team.

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King's Alchemist

Did you know that Polish king Zygmunt III Waza had his own Alchemist Michał Sędziwój? He had his laboratory on Wawel castle and was working on transmuting metals into gold and finding the philosopher's stone. A rumor says that his experiments caused a fire in the castle and made the king decided to move the capital to Warsaw. Is this true? Follow the paths of Kraków's Alchemist, explore the city, its history and hidden facts. You will take part in a city game where you will need to solve riddles, find new locations and discover what happened on Wawel castle.

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Artificial Autonomous - AI Riddle

In recent years Artificial Intelligence algorithms demonstrated a dramatic improvement. They are now being used to guide all sorts of key decisions in fields such as medicine,   finance,   manufacturing  and and even politics. For a relatively long time the interactions between the system and humanity were excellent. But it has changed. The system's decisions are starting to be irrational and aim at diminishing human population on Earth. Your team is the only unit that is independent from the Artificial Autonomous systems and is the only chance to examine the anomalies.

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Hidden bars

Take a challenge and find Kraków's hidden bars. Follow the paths of famous polish pub drinker that is missing. All of his mates, girlfriends (yes, many), bartenders and even police are worried. As it is with secret drinkers, they know all the hidden spots. Each task will lead you to another secret place. It is not going to be an easy challenge-prepare for several shots on your way and tons of fun.

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Current affairs:

23 Nov 2019 - Kraków
Scavenger hunt "Intryga zaprojektowana - Śladami designu przez Kraków" ("A designed intrigue - Design paths in Kraków") within "Sztuka do rzeczy, design w Krakowie" project organized by the city of Cracow. The main game will happen on 23rd Nov'2019 in Kraków Old Town district. The participants will learn about local design while exploring the city in an unusual way. They will have a chance to see places that are usually ignored and meet real artists during the game. Find out more on our facebook

Some of our accomplished projects:

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